2019-10-11: Have Shovel, Will Build Observatory

Dirt was disturbed on Friday for the start of construction on the Klinglesmith Observatory at the Kids' Science Café in Magdalena. On hand was Mrs. Klinglesmith and local digntaries big and small.

The pier begins. The building will have the observatory section with an 8' dome, and a second attached section for storage to the right where the backhoe is located.

2019-08-11: Celebrating The Life Of Dr. Daniel A. Klinglesmith III, 1939-2019

On Saturday afternoon, August 17, friends, students, and colleagues of the late "Dr. Dan, the Astro-Man," will gather for an informal celebration of his life at the Kids' Science Café, 202 Spruce Street, Magdalena, New Mexico, staring at 5:00 p.m. We'll share a potluck meal, with hot dogs, drinks, and vegetarian "not-dogs," served by the Kids' Café and sponsored by the Magdalena Astronomical Society, Inc., of which Dan was President. Please bring photos if you have them and favorite recollections of times with our beloved friend. A computer and projector will be available if your images are digital.

A formal citation has been submitted by Lowell Observatory to the International Astronomical Union for the naming of an asteroid in honor of Dan. He was aware of receiving this honor before his passing. The citation reads, "Astrophysicist Daniel A. Klinglesmith III (b. 1939) received his Ph.D. from Indiana University in 1967 and has devoted himself to both youth science education and asteroid rotation studies at Etscorn Observatory of New Mexico Tech, a site of the asteroid-oriented Summer Science Program."

The Café has received an excellent Celestron 8 equatorial telescope and a rotating hemispherical observatory dome, the dome formerly of University of New Mexico, for a student observatory that will be named in Dan's honor. This will be an important new fun and educational resource for everyone, right in Magdalena, at the Café. We shall have a donation box present Saturday for contributions toward building materials necessary to complete a simple shed structure to support the dome.

Dr. Klinglesmith on the right, demonstrating a telescope at the 2018 Pie Festival in Pie Town.
From a photo kindly supplied by Kelly Gatlin of La Luz Photography.

2019-06-01: They Let Us In!

The Astronomical League has accepted the Magdalena Astronomical Society as a member! The Astronomical League can trace its roots back to 1939 and is basically a club of clubs that supports astronomy education and research through many astronomical observing programs and awards, and by supporting communication between member groups. Fun! Individual MAS members will automatically become members of AL with their membership. That's a lot of 'membering.

2018-09-01: Let There Be Less Light

We have all heard the rumors about the interest of the Village of Magdalena in installing new LED street lighting. While we are all concerned with minimizing light pollution and the need for full cutoff lighting (shielded lights that help keep light from spreading laterally and upward), we are mostly unfamiliar with the variety of LED lighting available. Probably the most relevant resource available to us is the website of the Flagstaff (AZ) Dark Skies Coalition. Here is a link, with a recommendation for amber LED lighting:

Commercial and Roadway Lighting Tips

Maybe we can discuss this briefly at the next ESSP meeting.

Clear skies,
Bob Pody

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