This form is for becoming a member of or just helping out the maybe/eventually prestigious Magdalena Astronomical Society! Membership dues are $35 per year for a family, or $25 per year for an individual, and are due in January just to make the paperwork simpler for the couple of people that have to handle the paperwork. Membership also makes you a member of the long time and currently prestigious Astronomical League ( If you are under 18 then you can join for free.

If you don't want to throw away $35 or even $25, but still want to be involved as a volunteer to help with the annual Enchanted Skies Star Party and other projects, then you have clicked your way to the one page on the Internet where that dream can come true. If you just want to let us know that you exist and hang out with the cool kids from time-to-time that's OK too. Cookies or pizza will always keep you from getting kicked out of gatherings. If you are foolish enough you can even renew your membership here. You will also be able to sign up for multiple years if you want.

Fill out as much of the information below as you feel comfortable with and we will guard it like Facebook. Actually, the real personal stuff won't be kept on the site, but will be passed on to the folks that handle society membership stuff, or to the proper authorities depending on the outcome of the background check. The general information may be added to the site on a presently non-existent page, so if you happen to have an A-P Mach 1 mount, and someone needs help with theirs we'll be able to provide a little contact info. We will need a mailing address for the Astronomical League Reflector magazine.

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