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DANGER: Under construction and under review for 2018


The Very Large Array tour is a half hour caravan from Star Village leaving in the early afternoon. After the guided part of the tour you will be free to wander around on the self-guided tour. Starting back for Star Village is usually around 1630.

1. It may be hot. It may be cold. There will be water and snacks for sale there at the gift shop, but you'll have to provide your own protection from the elements. Of course you could always buy a nice sweatshirt or hat at the gift shop.

2. Yes, Virginia, there are snakes in New Mexico. And bugs. Pay attention when you are outdoors...and indoors. Don't walk off the usual path areas and into the weeds. If it is pretty hot the snakes will probably be hiding in the shade. Same thing for bugs like scorpions. If it has been freezing there may not be any of either around. Just remember they're more afraid of you than you are of them, but they have poisionous bites, so it really doesn't matter who's afraid of whom. You're the one that will suffer. The saber tooth rabbits don't come out until November, so no need to worry about those.

3. The weather is your friend, most of the time. Storms can pop up around these parts just about any time of the year. There have been dumps of 2" of rain from October storms in short amounts of time along with high winds and large hail. Keep an eye on the clouds. They're not just pretty.

4. Because the weather can be fickle make sure you leave your camp site at Star Village ready for a surprise wind or rain storm while you are gone.

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