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The Magdalena Astronomical Society and its members "put on" the Enchanted Skies Star Party. They do everything from lining up speakers and getting permits to deciding where the porta-potties go at Star Village.

The Magdalena Ridge Observatory, in addition to allowing participants to ogle their shiny telescopes and facilities, allows brave souls to bring their equipment up to the top of Magdalena Ridge for overnight observing while providing facilities to keep them warm and dewatered.

The SEC provides a bit-o-money for our star party through advertising. That's funny...we don't use any of their electricity at Star Village, but we all use it in our local homes and businesses.

The Very Large Array, like MRO, allows participants to poke around and see how the VLA does its thing. The gift shop also provides some of the door prizes.

A brandy new Kiwanis International Club of Socorro County decided to get involved with our little party by providing a Saturday breakfast and Saturday supper to raise funds for their local projects for local kids.

Several members of the star party staff are members of this campus club. Members usually show up for "public night" and man the telescopes and help people setup their telescopes at Star Village.

They supply the land and give us permission to use it.

Yo Mama's Grill in Socorro, will be providing pre-ordered box lunches on Wednesday and Thursday for the tour goers and anyone else who is hungry.


El Camino Real Historic Trail Site (Closed)