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Registration will open August 1, 2019
It will close at the end of the day October 7th

1. Full Registration, $65 per ADULT (all 5 nights)
Tuesday October 22nd to Saturday October 26th.
Recommended for serious observers and astro-photographers.


2. Weekend Astronomy, $40 per ADULT (2 days/nights)
Friday October 25th and Saturday October 26th.
Recommended for novice observers.


3. Saturday Night, $10 per ADULT
Saturday October 26th
Recommended for the general public.


Additional items:

1. TOUR: Magdalena Ridge Observatory on Wednesday and Thursday

Full details about this tour are still being sorted out.

There will be a $20 charge per ADULT for the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Tour. This money will be passed on to MRO for their time and help. This includes the tour of the 2.4m telescope and the interferometer. Private vehicles may also not be allowed this year and participants may be shuttled up and down from the Water Canyon Campground area at the bottom of the mountain. Evening observing with your own equipment and staying on the mountain for overnight observing (weather permitting) may no longer be possible. MRO is beginning to perform testing observations, and that's why things may be restricted.

This tour will be limited to 20 people per day. It may be less depending on the size of the MRO shuttle.

Signing a liability release for the trip will be required and will be taken care of before the tour starts. A copy of last years realease for you to read is at enchantedskies.org/essp/files/mro-liability-release.pdf This years version should be close to the same.

2. TOUR: Very Large Array on Wednesday and Thursday

The tour of the Very Large Array remains free.

This tour is limited to 30 people each day.

Last year this tour was conducted on both days. The weather was a little breezy on the Thursday tour, but everyone made it back alive. A few tour notes are at enchantedskies.org/essp/vlatournotes.html

Everyone will leave from Star Village in a caravan, or may meet up somewhere along US60 and head to the VLA from there so that everyone will arrive at the same time. Everyone does not have to leave the VLA at the same time. The tour may start a little earlier this year like around 1245 to give people enough time to look around.


Box lunches for the tour-goers, and anyone else that wants to order one, should be available on Wednesday and Thursday at around noon. Should be $9 each.

There should be a Friday supper of Navajo Tacos, with a vegetarian option for $12 per person.

A Saturday morning pancake/sausage/juice breakfast at Star Village should be on again like we had in 2018. $5 per person.

A Saturday evening supper like last year is planned. That was fun and the food was really good! $12 per person.

Sunday morning breakfast burritos and juice should be available wrapped for traveling. Should be $5 each.

When you can try to eat in town once-in-a-while to give the local restaurants some business.

Signing up for food items will be through the registration page like last year.


Speakers are being lined up. I think we are up to four or five for sure. AAVSO programs, astrophotography, Next-Generation VLA...stay tuned.