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Online registration is CLOSED.

Registration for 2019 is now closed. Closing two weeks before the start of the party is for two reasons:

1. So the cookers may begin planning for the amount of food to buy.

2. The Forest Service permit limits the number of people to 125, so the party area flora is not heavily trampled by all of the people traffic. I was at the area a couple of months ago and I couldn't find the dirt road for one whole side of the loop that goes from the back of the tent and small camper area back out to the main road. So we seem to be having minimal impact. We are currently up over 100 people registered. Many people show up from Albuquerque and the area around Magdalena on Friday and Saturday nights, so registration stops to avoid blatantly going over the limit.

Official registration is closed, but that doesn't mean you can't still show up if you are in the area. The whole area is public land, so, technically, you can park and set up camp just about anywhere. It's pretty flat right across the main road from the official party site. When you arrive we'll figure out something. You may not be able to place orders for any of the meals, so be prepared for that.

The $10 per adult registration for Saturday night will be payable at Star Village.