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Under review for ESSP 2021. Some of the info might be good, some bad.


A1 The Astronomical Lyceum  970-343-0618
A2 Magdalena Ridge Observatory
A3 Kids' Science Café
B1 Broaddus Storage Units  575-517-6170
B2 Eagle Hardware Supplies  575-518-8348
B3 R&D Tires & Feed  575-854-3051
B4 Sierra Propane  575-854-2854
B5 TLC Plumbing  575-835-8911
B6 First State Bank
C1 First Baptist Church  505-854-2389
C2 Presbyterian Community  505-854-2364
C3 St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church  575-835-2891
D1 Family Dollar  575-854-2100
D2 Golden Spur Saloon  575-854-2554
D3 Magdalena Cafe & Steakhouse  575-854-2696
D4 Kelly's Place  575-517-0250
D5 Dos Joyas Restaurant (in High Country Lodge)
D6 ES-PRESS-O Coffee and Village Press Print Sudio 605
G2 Blue Canyon Gallery  575-854-2953
G3 CWB Gallery  715-928-0123
G4 Village Press Print Sudio  575-838-6452
G5 Warehouse 1-10  575-517-0669
H1 Box Car Museum
H2 Stockyard Pens
H3 Kelly, NM  505-238-5086
L1 Casa Javalina  575-418-7737
L2 Concho Hills Guest Ranch  575-772-5757
L3 High Country Lodge  575-854-2062
L4 Magdalena Old Hall Hotel  575-517-5290
L5 Rancho Magdalena B & B and Vacation Rentals  800-462-5489

L6 The Western Motel & RV Park  575-418-7278
L7 Montosa Ranch Campground/RV Park  575-854-2235
L8 Water Canyon Campground  575-854-2281
M1 (Area Map) Alamo Navajo Indian Reservation
M1 (Village Map) Magdalena Area Medical Center  575-854-3162
M2 Bosque of Apache National Wildlife Refuge  575-835-1828
M3 Eagle Guest Ranch and Steak House  575-772-5612
M4 Pietown
M5 Riley Ghost Town
M6 The Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array
M7 Winston and Cloride Ghostowns
O1 Ranger Station  575-854-2281
R1 Bill's Rock Shop  575-854-2236
R2 Otero's Rock and Saw Shop  575-854-2324
R3 Tony's Rock Shop
S1 C & S Morning Star  575-854-2145
S2 R & D Tires & Feed & Eggs  575-854-3050
S4 Karolyn's Hair Kare & Florist  575-854-3470
S5 The Market Place  575-854-3088
S7 Route 60 Trading Post  575-854-3560
S8 Samaritan Center Thrift Store
S9 ZW Blacksmithing & Metal Art  505-859-5097
V1 File Department  505-859-5097
V2 Rodeo Grounds
V3 Hop Canyon File Department  575-654-4155
V4 Magdalena Library & Museum  875-854-2361
V5 Marshal's Office  575-854-2493 or 911-Emergencies
V6 Magdalena Schools  575-854-2261
V7 Magdalena Senior Center
V8 U.S. Post Office