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DANGER: Under construction and under review for 2018

(Registration will open August 6th)

The "Enchanted Skies Star Party" (ESSP) in Magdalena, New Mexico offers a unique astronomy experience in the southwestern United States. For one, the dark sky viewing can't be beat. And we offer a friendly and collegial milieu by limiting registration to 125 people. Our site is in the Cibola National Forest, just 15 minutes outside the small town of Magdalena, New Mexico.

Members of the Magdalena Astronomical Society are now busy planning the 25th ESSP for October 2018. The full 5-day/night program is designed for the serious amateur astronomer, and will again include the popular VIP tours of the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array and the Magdalena Ridge Observatory and Interferometer. In addition, there will guided tours and lectures at Magdalena's Astronomical Lyceum, an unusual museum/workshop/library facility that has antique telescopes!

Start planning your trip to the Dark Skies of New Mexico.

Magdalena, New Mexico



2018-07-06: The Schedule
A preliminary schedule is up on the SCHEDULE page. Speakers and events, other than the obvious observing events, are still being firmed up. The schedule will be generally the same as last year's.

The one big change for 2018 will be a $15 per person extra charge for going up to the Magdalena Ridge Observatory tour and overnight observing.

Star Village food vendors, or cook-it-yourself equipment is still being looked into.

2018-03-23: Schedulizationing
A tentative schedule for the 2018 star party should be ready sometime in June. Is schedulizationing a real word?

2018-03-23: Registerizationing
Registration should open for the 2018 star party on August 1st. Is registerizationing a real word?