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October 22nd to 26th, 2019 (99% sure)
Registration Opens August 1, 2019

Planning in progress. Dates should be October 22-26. It may be a bit chillier, but we won't be clashing with the likes of Okie-Tex. They think they are such a big deal. :) The Moon will be a bit visible in the beginning, but will be better later in the week.

The "Enchanted Skies Star Party" (ESSP) in offers a unique astronomy experience in the southwestern United States. For one, the dark sky viewing can't be beat. We also offer a friendly and collegial milieu by limiting registration to 125 people. Our site is in the Cibola National Forest, just 15 minutes outside the small town of Magdalena, New Mexico.

Magdalena, New Mexico -- in the rainy season.


2019-03: Meetings meetings. Permits, paperwork and plans are starting. One big change this year may be since the Magdalena Ridge Observatory is now starting to observe with one telescope of the interferometer there should still be a tours to the observatory, but overnight observing on top of the ridge may no longer be permitted. More will be known over the coming couple of months. The tours of the Very Large Array will continue as they have in previous years.

2019-01: Planning begins.

2018-10-15: The sun has set on another ESSP. Everyone seemed to have a pretty good time, despite the weather. Tuesday night was very good, Wednesday pretty good, but the rest of the week was kinda cloudy. We'll get some pictures gathered up and on the site in the coming weeks. A big thanks to everyone that dropped by and everyone that helped out.

2018-10-08: Here is a newsletter for this year's ESSP event, Lyceum, Magdalena Astronomical Society, and FOAH (Friends On A Hill) Observatory happenings! It's been kind of a busy year around here!