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2020-01-01: The 2020 edition of ESSP may just be happening October 13th to the 18th. Registration will probably open around the beginning of August, and the party will run from Tuesday, with check-in starting in the afternoon, until Sunday morning.

It's All Over!

The 2019 Enchanted Skies Star Party has come to an end. The weather was decent. The seeing was fair. Equipment was bought, sold, traded, figured out, and broken. Friendships were made and renewed.

A big big thanks to all of the participants and guests that, for the most part, were pretty well behaved. Everyone seemed to put on a brave face against the dust and cool nights of Star Village. If it were a glamorous venue it wouldn't be as much fun or be as much New Mexico.

We had a lot of professional and non-professional speakers this year. All of the presentations I saw were fun and interesting. Don't know about the rest.

Two lunches, two breakfasts, and two dinners were effortlessly (for ESSP) provided by the Socorro County Kiwanis Club members. With the general remoteness of, well, New Mexico, it's always been a bit of a hassle to get food for ESSP, but the Kiwanis gang have done a great job the last two years. We couldn't have eaten without them.

Thanks to our sponsors and the couple of brave vendors that I hope were able to at least sell a little stuff at our little party.

Lastly, thanks to all of the volunteers that helped to do everything from stringing lights, to pounding fence posts, fetching water, parking cars, dumping garbage, and enteraining participants and the public.


Monday night Nice
Tuesday Nice, little breezy
Tuesday night Nice
Wednesday Nice
Wednesday night Not bad, a few clouds
Thursday Clear, north wind, high 40F's
Thursday night Clear, cold
Friday Sunny, upper-50's, a little breezy
Friday night Clear, light breeze, warmer before sunrise
Saturday Sunny, near 70F, light breezy
Saturday night Clear, 30F's, a little smoke on the horizon
Sunday Sunny, near 70F, and blowing
like crazy by noon. That was close.